Is drop servicing better than dropshipping?

5 min readMay 30, 2021


Since the twenty-first century, online businesses have grown in popularity, and more people are earning money while being in their own homes. Drop servicing and drop shipping are two of the most common business concepts for making a seven-figure income. To take full advantage out of each, though, you must first understand the differences. As a result, we have decided to compare drop servicing vs dropshipping through this article to figure out which is ideal for you.

Difference between drop servicing and dropshipping

Drop servicing is the “new baby” in the dropshipping world, and it uses the same concept and strategy.

Drop servicing is a business concept in which you charge a fee for services such as logo design, social media management, translation, article writing, etc. However, instead of doing it yourself, you outsource it to other freelancers for a lower fee. As a result, you profit from the difference between the two.

On the other hand, Dropshipping and drop servicing are nearly the same. However, in dropshipping, we use physical products rather than services. We sell those products through our website, but the things themselves are stored elsewhere. When customers purchase a product, we ship it directly to their location utilizing third-party websites such as AliExpress.

Although dropshipping and drop servicing have certain similarities, there are specific differences that will influence the work that needs doing.

Which is the better of the two? Dropshipping or drop servicing

Those weighing their alternatives will understandably want to focus on a business plan that provides the most rewards. However, when comparing the two business models, we need to address several criteria to determine which is the better method.

Dropshipping of electrical items, for example, will appeal to those with a profound understanding of technology. In contrast, drop servicing will appeal to people with a passion for search engine optimization and marketing.

To determine which business model is the best, you must first grasp the working mechanism of these two business concepts plus the pros and cons of each.

Drop Servicing: Mechanism, Pros and Cons


Drop servicing is a simple concept to grasp and put into practice. The first step in launching this business is to choose a service that is both profitable and long-lasting. It could be anything like logo design & animation, article writing, proofreading, video & audio editing, data entry, social media marketing, and many more.

There are about two ways to start this business once you have decided on a service.

In the first method, you need to create a complete website based on the service you offer. You can either hire someone to develop it for you or make a modest WordPress site on your own. For your website, you will need to purchase a domain and a hosting platform. Set up a payment gateway, such as PayPal or Wave Accounting, to take payments from customers. After you have finished making your website, you will need to set up Google Ads so that people can find it and buy your service. When a customer buys your service, all you have to do is go to and find a freelancer who can perform it for a fraction of the cost. Order the service from them, and when it completed, simply give it to your client for a higher price. If you are new to drop Servicing, you can hire a Fiverr freelancer to build your website and suggest some successful categories.

If you are a penniless newbie, the second option is the most excellent way to get started. Although the profit will be minor, it will be more manageable than the previous technique. Other freelance sites, such as Fiverr, are also available. They are SEOClerks, CodeClerks, WordClerks, PixelClerks, and ListingDock. The best feature about these websites is that they provide services at a lower cost than Fiverr. As a result, you can join Fiverr as a seller and begin selling services on their platform. When you receive an order, you can simply outsource it to one of the other freelancers of the websites mentioned above for a lower charge.


- Drop servicing is considerably more straightforward and simple. You do not need any skills or equipment to get started.

- Drop servicing is far less risky than dropshipping because you won’t have to worry about returns, refunds, or product legitimacy.

- A small investment is required to start the business.


- The delivery timeframe is subject to vary. Not all freelancers are capable of meeting deadlines. The delivery may delay due to unforeseen circumstances or excessive demand. You could reduce this by adding at least two days to the freelancer’s delivery schedule.

- You will need to deal with customer satisfaction in this situation. Always outsource your service to reputable freelancers with much positive feedback.

Dropshipping: Mechanism, Pros and Cons


Dropshipping is more complex than drop servicing, but it can be more profitable if done correctly.

People commonly begin dropshipping with a combination of Shopify and AliExpress. Shopify is an online storefront that allows you to display and sell your products. When customers purchase a product, you use an international eCommerce site like AliExpress to directly ship the product.


- Dropshipping is a very profitable business. Dropshipping has helped people build six- and seven-figure businesses online.

- Oberlo and Ezusy are two web apps that help you automate your dropshipping business and make it a lot easier.

- There is no need for inventory. You do not need to store your physical products.


- Dropshipping is a little more dangerous. Your profit is directly proportional to the product you promote. An inferior product selection can result in a significant loss. It is always better to start a general store rather than a niche-specific store to avoid this.

- AliExpress takes more than a month to deliver to some locations. For some customers, this can be a major issue.

- Because the majority of the items are from China, we cannot guarantee the quality.

- Customer satisfaction, refunds, and returns can be a pain.

Which one do you think you should go with?

Dropshipping and drop servicing are both legitimate Internet businesses. These are two of the best online businesses to start. Both of these business models have advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, drop servicing may be beneficial to beginners, while dropshipping may be beneficial to the more experienced.

Drop servicing is relatively new to the money-making scene, and there are currently no courses or training available. On the other hand, dropshipping offers a wealth of courses and training from renowned entrepreneurs and experts.

The primary benefit of drop servicing over dropshipping is that you will not have to deal with refunds or returns. That is a huge relief, to be honest! Dropshipping can be highly profitable, and some people have built seven-figure businesses using this method. But that does not dismiss the possibility of earning the same amount from drop servicing. Drop servicing can be a multi-million dollar business if you provide excellent services.

In any case, the appropriate level of research must conduct, regardless of the business model chosen. Digital retailers understandably want to get started as quickly as possible, but hurrying the process can be costly. It emphasizes the necessity of not jumping into dropshipping or drop service too quickly. Taking the time to examine trends, look for unique offers, and figure out where you will fit in can open up other doors in the future. It is also essential to consider where your expertise rests. Some may be able to operate both business models, while others may choose one or the other.




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